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Different menu based on theme in use


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Looking for a way to load a different menu (technically a enable/disable a module) based on what template is being used by the current user. My template could use its own $content['customSideMenu'], but thats not ideal since it would mean that the menu is generated twice per page load even if only one is displayed.

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I'm somewhat lost, so instead of running the inside_menu.php hook you would want to run another one instead? Well that could be from within the ingame menu module to load another hook instead of the normal one in some cases, right? Or didn't I understood your question?

BTW I will now be 1 week away, so my answers may take more time.

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Yes, if a certain template is used I want to not use modules/inside_menu

But instead use my own menu version of it. Instead I have my own module that does the

RunHook("menu.php", "menuEntries");


Guess I could have my custom module handle both types of menus (the ones for the default themes and those for my custom ones), and have it detect what template is in use. And just disable the default inside_menu

Think I know how to do this now.

Have a good week off :cool:

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