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Free topsite scripts


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This is another one of my learning adventures :). Basically I need a good basic topsite script which is free that I can build upon and make into what I want it to be! It's needs to be:

-Built with PHP & MySQL/MySQLi

-Easy to read coding

-Easy to build upon

-The basic topsite features (I.e. voting, adding sites etc.)

And that's about it! :) thanks for taking your time to read my post :D.

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Not hard for the likes of you, I have never ventured into a project like this but as my coding gets better I need to begin to test myself and learn new things so this is what's next in my learning curve! Ill see what I can do and post some updates in the next few weeks to show you how it's going :)

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A basic top site shouldnt be really difficult, I'd go about it like this:

1) Make a basic login and registration process

2) Make a page for them to add their game, here basically you execute an mysql command to take the site url and store in your db

3) Your db table should have a column for votes, default value = 0

4) Make another php file to display all url's in your db and sort by desc votes

5) Make a button on that table which says vote

6) When someone clicks that button, increase the value in your db by 1

and you have your basic voting site made, now build from here to enable only single votes per day etc :)

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