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Oh, not leaving. I just decided to go into emergency mode and get one site up before I get stuck 9-5 in an office. Even if its only 5% what I want. Otherwise I will always just wait. This way my freakish need to improve it will take over my paranoia of putting something up too soon.


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Perfection makes the world go around. Well maybe not governments but programmers :)

No, I know myself. I need to put up something I don't want to or think is ready. This way I will go nuts trying to get features on in the hour here and there I will have. Now I have roughly 40 hours plus a week to work on it which ends in 8 days.

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Nice, we will then get more messages from you ;)

BTW from my own experience: if you wait till all is perfect you may end up never releasing anything. My usual way to do is try to come up quickly with something of a nice quality but maybe not finished, and then improve over time. It as also the advantage that your players / users may see the progress going on and actually love the game more for that and keep coming to see yet more updates.

If I would have waited till NWE was perfect you would not even have seen it till now ;)

For NEaB (my own web game) I released it after 3-4 months and then went forward adding & improving features for about 5 years!

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