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I am sure I caused this. SOMEHOW.

The only thing I have changed about the forum is to add auto_post_content.php to give a list of forum names and links to my home page. Somehow I try to add a thread and the screen just redisplays empty (with the title still intact but the text message empty). No errors or anything and obviously no record written (typically it says on top 'thread added' or something).

Where do you suggest I track this down? FAQ's for example work just fine and others entry areas.


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What I do when I have no clue what I did wrong, is that I place lines such as


echo 'made it this far 1234';


I start at top and move it down until the other error is displayed. Then I know what line I messed up

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Okay I might have found it. My version does not have the special editor installed. The Content area html is:


<textarea name='msgContent' rows='10'>


The stock version 1.15 Content area html is:


<textarea rows='10' class='mceEditor' name='content' id='content'>


And the content.php is looking for 'content' as the area. So it might be a defect if you do not have the mceEditor activated.


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I didn't make any custom code changes. Just excluded the mceEditor from the module list. When excluded the content area is called msgContent. When I put the mceEditor module back in the content area is called Content. So the content.php forums module need to change or one or the other parts that generate the new post form needs to be changed.


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Aha, good to know

I think changing libs/template.php:331 from:


return "<textarea name='msgContent' rows='10'>" . htmlentities($defaultValue) . "</textarea>";




   return "<textarea name='$elementName' rows='10'>" . htmlentities($defaultValue) . "</textarea>";


solves the problem

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