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Improvements for the table editor

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So, following the wishes here, that's what I will try to look into next week:

- Be able to decide which columns will be displayed in the list

- Have some limit of the number of rows displayed (is a paging really useful? Or we can simply display the 100 or 200 first rows?)

- Be able to sort by any column (click on the title and sort, click again on it, reverse the sort)

- Filter by any column (a filter per column will be available)

- Browsing, filter, sort should be ajax driven, the edit, maybe not. I shall check.

- Maybe improve the overall look of it?

What else would you need or think?

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And here is a small preview:


Sort, and filter per column work, as well as added the option in the config.xml to define which column to display. I will look into the paging and then it should be ready. Only drawback is that I had to change the AJAX lib, was missing the Secure inside the Ajax output, and therefore any link produced via AJAX wasn't valid.

So now we will have the choice to make a 1.1.6 release for that, or just wait till next release. Will be up to you guys.


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Done, I managed to make it work with the current version of the Ajax lib, added some simple paging, sort and filters are in, as well as the option to choose which column to display (as demonstrated by the combat module which I upgraded to include it).

The browsing of the data (filter, sort and paging) is done via ajax.

Comments, feedback and further requests are welcome ;)

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