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I would like the chat to have rooms. I this this is important as any game with a powerful chat experience keeps people excited about the game longer.

Possible Feature: Attach to clans so they have their own area. Manageable by their leaders.

Possible Feature: Attach chat area to particular section of the screen ... top, bottem, left, right.

Possible Feature: Blinking header if new info was received.

Possible Feature: Muting, Kicking, etc.

Thank you,


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Chat rooms are indeed useful, as well as private chat would be great. However I wonder if it doesn't make sense you go for an IRC chat or something like that if you need all that features.

Blinking => unless you do it in JS most browser stop accepting / supporting it if I remember right.

Anyhow I will keep all those as wishes, and see if I manage to put them in.

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Experimented with http://www.phpfreechat.net once was good back then, should be better now. In fact I think Ill add this to my list of modules I want to make. Integration of phpfreechat.net into NWE.

Though php is not optimal for chats I think. Never liked IRC oh well

Edit: I think that might be the wrong chat, the parrot looked so familiar

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