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New Services to Developers/Site Owners


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Good morning MWG or afternoon;)

Pretty soon here I will be releasing a new Top Site but I am not here to discuss that at this time since it is still under development.

What I am here to discuss is as a little kick off to the top site I am offering a few services for you guys and they are:

  1. Site/Application Reviews
  2. File Encryption
  3. SEO Consultation *Coming Soon*
  4. Module Plugin Sales *Coming Soon*


You can receive more information by following this link HERE

Everything there is pretty straight forward and if you have any questions there are contact forms there so feel free to stop by and take a gander


I forgot to add that I am offering 5 FREE reviews to start this thing up

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Kyle: your second service you call encryption should instead be called code obfuscation.

Good lookin out. I changed the title to obfuscation. But the reason for using the term "encryption" is most people like myself until recently dont really know or understand the term obfuscation. Plus It doesnt really roll of the tongue very easily. Like when people want to look up how to protect their code ill say 90% of the time that the first thing that pops in their head is encryption. But ill look more into incorporating that in my pages

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Wrong, in today world for most languages you look at obfuscation not encryption: example: http://www.preemptive.com/products/dotfuscator

The encryption of code is more linked to products like: http://www.zend.com/en/products/guard/ which provide both an "encoding" and an obfuscation. The encoding is what you may had in mind which is basically some sort of cryptography applied to the byte code (binary version of the PHP script).

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Point taken a_b.

I would also like to point out that I am also offering 5 free obfuscations of your source code and ill will also be looking into actual encryption methods, ones that will use standard php functions without eval() so you wont have to install 3rd party software like the zend framework or slow down your code.

But at the time im only doing obfuscation. So feel free to come inquire. Besides its FREE what would be the worst that can happen and I will guarantee satisfaction

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