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Hello I am reworking the combat system to support the type of game I am making, its gold mining :). Now I noticed some avatars are in "arena" some are in "hellpit" is hellpit a higher level section that you have to get to to fight those guys? If so how do I configure the "hellpit" to what level can access that, and can I add more than one? This would be fantastic if I can as it would work well for me to have people travel to different locals to mine for different minerals.

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To get to hellpit, you first travel to Lostangles, the menu then changes to Actions>>Hellpit

To can change the requirements by editing the Hellpit row in the table arenas. Condition code field should be a code that evaluates to true or false, like if it was in an if()


UPDATE `arenas` SET `condition_code` = 'CurrentPlayerLocation() == 2 && $userStats[''Level'']->value == 4' WHERE `arenas`.`id` =2;


That example makes the arena available if player location is 2 and level is 4, remove CurrentPlayerLocation() == 2 && if you only want a level check. For more adanced evaluation, you could make a function that returns true or false.

To add more arenas, insert a new row in the table arenas

Then insert the id of the new arena, and the id of the warriors available in that arena

You get the warrior_id from the table npc_warriors, where you can also add new warriors

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added about adding new arenas
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