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Marriage Sysetm

The Phantom

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Could do something like.....

Add this into phpmyadmin:

ALTER TABLE `users` ADD `married` tinyint(11) default '0';


Then add something into the code for when they get married:

$db->query("UPDATE users SET married=married+1 WHERE userid=$userid");


Then add something into the code for when they get divorced:

$db->query("UPDATE users SET married=married-1 WHERE userid=$userid");


Now add something into for when trying to send requests to someone if they are already married:

if($ir['married'] == 1)
echo "This person is already married";


And also add same into section where they accept requests saying that you must be divorced before you can accept another marriage. There are probably some better ways of doing this but first way I could think of and should fix your problem of people being able to accept requests when already married, I think :P

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I had to do edits to the script... if it's the one I am thinking of, that has queries in the header part... those need to be removed and be put in the right page.. and under the correct function... As for this is why you are having this problem.

It should be done like Razor is stating!!

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