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Flood Control Ajax::UpdateTimer


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When using Ajax::UpdateTimer the flood control gets activated.

EDIT: I will do more testing, to see if something I do wrong to cause it

Edit 2, never mind think I might have caused some bad redirections.

although, I am wondering, is there a way to stop Ajax refresh after its started?

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Say you have a oage where you are waiting for something to happen. At the time I was making a traveling script, while walking things could happen, like getting mugged. It was based on time, but when the time is up and player have arrived to his/her destination, I would like the page to stop making ajax calls.

a handy thing can also be to allow javascript to be passed back as a result in an ajax call. So you can remove/disable buttons and other things, depending on the result. Another small thin I added to ajax.php before the output

header('Content-type: application/json');

Some browsers are sensitive to this, think it was IE7-8

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Yup I want it stopped, no rush though, I went with another system Good article about it here http://javascript.info/tutorial/settimeout-setinterval

It also shows what happened to me, if one call takes to long, it fires off and keeps making new requests, very rapidly.

content type, I recall it because it cost me many hours and much hair when I first learned jQuery :)

And a bonus is that its helpful when using Firebug.

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