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Does anyone know where to edit the pick of the black figure in the combat module when your fighting. I woul dlike to change this picture, also would it be possible to make the picture change based upon a persons level? Ive already started to remove the other images and create ones that more fit my theme, just want to change the I think its Favatar2 picture.

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The code/html of the avatar image during compat images is at modules/combat/lib.php around line 197 (around becuse I did some changes to test the variables)


echo "<img src='{$webBaseDir}modules/combat/avatar.png'>";


It seems like this part is incomplete. As modules/combat/avatar.png does not exist. And uploaded avatar images are at modules/avatar/##userid##.png

The incoming $user variable does not contain the user id.

It will be best to wait for the developer to make an official update

But as a dirty workaround for testing or just funzies

Replace this function, add /* before and */ after the old function, so you can easily revert back.


function ShowInteractiveInterface ($user, $npc, $buttons)
   global $webBaseDir, $userStats, $userId;

   echo "<table class='plainTable'><tr valign='top'><td align='center' width='1%'>";

   echo "<br><br>";
   if ($buttons)
       ShowCombatButtons($npc, $user);

   echo "</td><td align='center'>";

 if($userStats['Level']->value < 5){
   echo "<img src='{$webBaseDir}modules/avatar/images/{$userId}.png'>";
 } else {
 	//This version will be used if levelis above 5
 	//This example adds a border just for testing, not to be used 
 	echo "<img border='10' src='{$webBaseDir}modules/avatar/images/{$userId}.png'>";
   echo "<img src='{$webBaseDir}modules/combat/npc/" . $npc['image_id'] . ".png'>";

   if (! isset($_SESSION["combatLog"]))
       $_SESSION["combatLog"] = "";
       // echo $_SESSION["combatLog"];

   echo "</td><td width='1%'>";


   echo "</td></tr></table>";


In general, when making a custom version of a module, I would make a copy of the module. As changes will be lost when updating the module.

EDIT: as I re-read post title and and the content. I am unsure about what you mean. However echo "<img src='{$webBaseDir}modules/combat/npc/" . $npc['image_id'] . ".png'>"; is the enemy "avatar" image. You could apply the level check above, and have 2 versions of the enemy image, and make the image $npc['image_id'] . "-highlevelversion.png'. The rat image would then be at modules/combat/npc/1-highlevelversion.png

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