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Autoincrement in table user_stat_types


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Soo, if I am to add a userStats var with a new module, I should during module activation (enable/disable) do:

FROM `user_stat_types`
ORDER BY `user_stat_types`.`id` DESC

Then use that as a base, add 1 and use that for id for my user_stat_types.id column

Or is there a neat way to do it through the module .sql file?

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Currently you could of course use HIGH ID numbers, for example, use from 1000 to 1100 without querying, so far I doubt somebody is using it. Later on you will be able to have an "install.php" inside the module which will be called during installation and could setup special things like that.

BTW Instead of your query, you could use:

select max(id) from user_stat_types
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