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An App To Code On IOS Devices


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HostCP connects directly to your server using cPanel®'s native API (without any third party intervention) and can communicate over HTTPS so your information is secure.

Key Features:

★ Manage any number of accounts

• Easily switch between accounts

★ Secure & Reliable

• Uses cPanel's native API to connect and perform operations

• Connects directly to your server, no intermediate involved

• Password protection to access the app

• Option to select HTTP or HTTPS for communication with your cPanel server

• Supports non-standard cPanel ports

★ Emails

• Manage Email Accounts (Create, View, Edit, Delete)

• Manage Email Forwarders (Create, View, Delete)

• Manage Auto Responders (Create, View, Delete)

★ Domains

• Manage AddOn Domains

• Manage Parked Domains

• Manage SubDomains


• Manage Databases

• Manage Users

• Manager User Permissions

• phpMyAdmin (web version)

★ DNS & Network

• Manage "A" Records

• Manage "CNAME" Records

• Manage Deny IP

★ File Manager

• List files/directory

• Rename any file/directory

• Delete any file/directory

• Create new file/directory

• View/Preview File Content

• Save image to your gallery

★ Manage FTP Accounts

• Create new FTP account

• View used quota of any account

• Change quota/password of existing accounts

• Delete FTP account

★ Generate Backup

• Backup to Home Directory

• Backup to FTP

• Backup to Passive FTP

• Backup to SCP

★ View Usage/Quota Information

• Disk Usage

• Monthly Bandwidth

• AddOn/Parked/Sub Domains

• Email Accounts

• Databases

★ Other tasks

• Change Password

• Update Contact Preference



For any feature request/support/feedback or anything else related to this app, contact us at [email protected]

TIP: To delete any account/record, swipe on that record for delete option.

You can maybe try this but I think its a paid app

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