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session not redirecting to next page


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I didn't think this was suppose to be difficult but i've made a mess of something which I think is straight forward O,o

Issue is on my login page, if the username and password is right, that user doesn't get redirected. O,o


if ($hash == $dbpass)
	$error_string .=  'Authentication succeeded';
	$_SESSION['login'] = "1";
	$_SESSION['username'] = $username;
	$_SESSION['email'] = $email;
	$_SESSION['ID'] = $id;
	header('Location: loggedin.php');



I do have session_start(); at the top of my login page.

The loggedin page has just this


require "corefolder/globe.php";
if(empty($_SESSION['login']) || empty($_SESSION['username'])  || empty($_SESSION['email'])  || empty($_SESSION['ID']))  
header('location: login.php');



globe.php is just my database connection. thats fine

Should mention that i did comment out the if statement in loggedin for debugging but still no luck

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forgot something
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