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Game abstract:

I have two game ideas. I am undecided on which to tackle first. Both games have similar game play to how Dating Sim's are played. You are given x amount of actions which fill up a virtual day. Then you sleep to refill your actions. The first one is a pro gamer simulation. The second is a new type of Crime Game.

(Some of the) Unique features:

The Pro Gamer Simulation:

A) battle system simulates different games your in via text. Ending shows a cool statistic screenshot.

The Crime Game will be a dating simulator I guess where you start of as a teen on the block. You then have you build your rep on the block then threwout the neighborhood then threwout the city to become to win girls hearts or guys hearts.

Technology used:

php/mySQL. I allready have an 80% completed engine which can accomplish both of these type of game's.

Current development status:

We'll just say current development status is PLANNING STAGES.

My own skills and tasks in the game:

I'm a great coder, however I'm willing to help with all what I can, beta test,

make the quality insurance, as well as the game design, content creation and system administration

What I am looking for:

I really need someone familar with dating sim's and plays a lot of web based game's for planning of the game. I also need an artist who can design NPC's, item's. Furthermore; someone who can create a design for the game.

Expenses will be covered by:

I will pay all the hosting, domain name.

Current team:

Me myself and I are currently working on this project.

Share / gain of the partners:

We will split the gain after expenses (hosting & domain): 40% me, 60% team-mates. YES-SIR. Since its my first game I will be releasing, I just want to get it released, and I am not a greedy man and I plan on buying you out someday. =) LoL

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Documentation is everything when you create a new big project. What's your budget? Specify more what technology will be used, what engine do you currently have? Is it stable, well-designed and easy to set your foot in?

How will you make profit from the games? Money is everything in the business world. It's important you definitely enlighten us about your BUDGET, the PROJECTS potential INCOME (And you need to be able to put this on paper, show us on diagrams, whatsoever)

In real life, no one would spend loads of hours on a project, that is poorly designed like this. So, sit down and write a good doc, on pretty much everything related to the project.

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As stated this will be my first game I will be releasing, so I am unable to plan a true business income plan. I wouldn't say this is an old school idea but more of a new idea for the web.

It could either attract a large amount of members as any project could or a small amount of loyal members. As preston326 stated. His game only has 20 members, but all are loyal as his game makes over $100/month. The target audience would depend upon which game would be going into development. If its the pro gamer sim, I suppose it would be any gamer fan or simulation fan. If its the crime game, any mafia based gamer fan. I personally believe either of these game's could last a few years as the idea behind them are unique enough game play wise compared to other games that are around today.


To your PS: With the code being OOP, I can switch to PDO easy enough. I am not seeking no additional programmers for this project. Thanks for telling me about PDO again. It always slip's my mind.

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Crime/Mafia games started dieing in 05 so im sure that one more than likely will not work since the only ones that do are the ones thats been around and have a loyal fan base and thats only because they invested so much time into them.Also the web is getting more interactive and has more people connecting and simulation is where it started basically with no connecting and limited interactivity...have you thought this out thoroughly. Both points seem quite obvious. Any game can grab a few loyal players but their loyalty will only last so long. People like to interact with people.

They'll eventually get tired of being the only ones who stick around the game.

Clearly you have no idea how big the gaming market is. So go do some research before bantering around saying Mafia/Crime games started dying. Ha....


Put more thought into your ideas, using OOP you have to break each object down to their smallest point, do that with your thought process about everything, it will help you somewhat in business also. Alot of things are just some deep thought.



PS: Also switching to PDO will be a lot harder than you think if your doing it effectively. You will have to properly bind things, use prepared statements, even fetching data isn't the same. You basically have to re do everything SQL related if your using mysql. Should probably start that soon.

If you have a written class for all your SQL statement's, then your point is invalid.

And no, it's not about it being harder. It's about it being more time consuming.

But yeah, keep on going as if you've just learn't about PDO. Woopy Doo

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Meh, watever. Provide facts that anything I said was invalid or shut up. Your really not even worth an argument. You cant even get year1920 out...your a waste of words, refrain from attempting any conversation and or aguement with me because simplest way put your not worth my time. Bye now :)

PS: I was looking into pdo back when you were asking me for help all the time LMFAO

I've never asked you for help once. So where do your fact's come from? You asked me for help dick head.

As for year1920, it's none of your business. And you don't even know jack **** why it's not out. So please, **** off.

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