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Hi all, I've decided to come onto MWG in order to find a few other people who are looking to do a group game development. I'm strictly trying to find people who are more of a text-based type of developer. I'll list what exactly I'd be looking for in my group.

┐Creative Writer (To come up with good content for the game, Missions(Quests), Introduction into the game, Coming up with item names, etc)

┐Graphic Designer (Someone who knows their way around images, coming up with amazing artwork for the game)

┐PHP Coders (These people need to have decent knowledge of PHP based programming)

What am I trying to create?

A futuristic type game, dealing with global warfare and such. I'm looking to do something that is unique in the development area. I also want to allow the users to have plenty to do at all times. Keeping them occupied is always an important key to being successful. So I want to develop tons and tons of features into a game, that all ties together in some way. Making something more strategy based, but also keeping it fairly simple to play and keep up with others.

I am not looking for weekend coders. I am looking for people who would be completely motivated to work more often than not. I am willing to take multiple people for each position, just so I can have content out quicker, but works good. If you have good experience with any of the 3 things I have listed, please contact me via MWG, or Skype. You can find my skype name on my profile.

Thank you for reading,



I forgot to post the website I'm currently using to develop the game.


I've developed the login already. I'm currently getting started on the register file. This Login is very responsive, and works well.

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Timescale isn't something I'm too worried about, I just want to have a good final product coming out of this. I was hoping to do something along the lines of percentages, and costs would be covered mainly by me as soon as I can afford it.

As far as bringing something to the table, I can code a few different things(HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, JQuery, Some Ajax) and do graphic designing and such myself. So no one would ever be working alone, I would be basically putting my time into this project more than I expect others to. I also wanted to state, the register is fully operational at this time.

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