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Error handling in 1.1.4


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Before the error handling inside NWE was less than optimal usually showing something which was in the best cases hard to decrypt and in other not even pointing to the right direction. In this release I spent quiet some time on improving the error handling. It now shows error which are easier to understand, showing the stack trace in a readable format, in some cases giving even hints about what the issue could be, and even showing the bad SQL query you tried to run. Also, with a trick, the engine will now even be able to catch parsing errors (missing ; or more) inside your modules.

In the cases below you will see a "HINT" text, which is a small text I added to try to help understand common errors. Of course that's not a PHP book or the solution to all, but it may help find common issues quicker, at least for those starting programming in PHP.

Parsing error (previously it wasn't catch by the engine):


Evaluated code error (for example custom conditions / actions in the items)


use $_POST['something'] without checking if we got it ?


Wrong SQL query:


Forget to add the $ sign?


Wrong variable name?








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