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Can anyone put me in the right direction


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Hi people i want to know is there any TCG engines that are free to use as i want to start my own. I only need the Engine the rest i will do myself so it would be good if you can point me in the right direction maybe provide a few links for me. Thanks (i am open to pokemon battles over Pokemon Global Link)

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Me and Sim are currently about to start work on a TCG engine. It wont be free. It's to early to give you a date or a price.

A "free" TCG engine: http://sourceforge.net/projects/sandscape/

Be warned this is just a framework IE: Requires work, rule set needs implementing.

You shouldn't take this task up alone, especially if you give up easy.

Skills Required:

Framework Yii knowledge







Hope you have luck in using this script.

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Indeed as it is under "GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE" which states that if you run the software on a server and let people access it, you must also let people download the sources. Which means, if you make a game based on it, you need to give away the sources of your code... Maybe not the best solution for a game which want to make some money.

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I believe they is a way around this.

Because it's also using Yii framework. Only make new files within that framework folder. Thus you can keep "your" code. And just give them the blank source IE: Sandscape folder.

If you do use sandscape and need some help installing i'll help.

off topic:

Also a_b, when will you drop the price on NEaB? $200 is a lot for an indie developer like my self.

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