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What's going on in ezRPG rework land?


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Hey guys and girls!

I thought I'd share some information with everyone with regards to the current state of ezRPG rework.

As you all probably know, ezRPG is licensed under GNU GPL. This poses some problems to my normal ethics of writing "free" software.I've contacted the current maintainer of ezRPG(booher), requesting an exclusive agreement between ourselves so that I can re-license the sources under something I'm morally comfortable with. He hasn't responded to my latest communication as of yet.

I'm currently also the only person actively developing ezRPG rework, and coupled with my RL work it's quite a mission to get a few commits in every weekend.

For the past two weekends I've been quiet, and that was due to the above mentioned(I'm on a project involving the refactoring of our whole application's "look and feel").

I also have a daunting task that lies before me with ezRPG rework, and that is implementing an RBAC(role-based access control, NIST level 2a) system and creating a more modular implementation with regards to how data is used and manipulated within the engine.

This technically means that I have to re-write core parts of ezRPG, such as the module classes. More technically, I need to test a few [design] patterns that will allow ezRPG rework to have a truly many-to-many relationship with everything on the back-end(database and code objects).

For a while now I've been arguing a simple part of ezRPG rework with myself: is it really worth it to build on ezRPG?And so, I think I have come to my conclusion. Since I will be(and have been) rewriting everything pertaining ezRPG, I'll rather re-brand it, and apply my own copyright to it(is this legal? feel free to debate though).

The project will still be open-source, but in much more "my" terms. Doing this, I realize that some people might be offended, but I do not see any way forward at this point.I'm a lone developer, working on a lone code-base.

I hope to have the first release available by beginning of January next year, the timeframe will give me some time to go trough the process of implementing the new models and adding a couple more "things" to make it a proper package worthy of being noted as a "engine".

Lastly, I have to thank everyone that has supported me with my quest of creating a proper open-source engine, I appreciate it.

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Hey, sorry I never got a chance to reply, I'm still on my deployment >.< So i don't get much time to relax haha, but yes I am fine with you re-licensing your changes with a different license as long as you keep the ezrpg credits in the files on the ones that still have some original code in them

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