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Crimes, xp, exp, outcome - I'm confused


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Hello all, me again, with another stupid question.

When it comes to crimes, I understand the formula and can easily adjust it for increased(or decreased if i want) "success" chance.

That said, when it fails, what determines if you just "fail" or if you go to "jail". How is that calculated?

Furthermore... what's the point of "Crime XP". From my testing it has no function at all. All exp is given based on the money amount, however I haven't yet figured out what the formula is for that. If the reward is $100... how much xp is the person getting?


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I could be wrong on this but the default fail/jail ratio is determined by your success ration and a rand(). So if you success percentage is lower that 100% the it triggers the rand(1,2). So if you fail and rand()=1 for example then you go to jail, else you just fail and nothing happens.

For the experianced gained its the amount of cash awarded for the crime divided by 8 and thats by default. What I have done is changed that so I can control the amount of xp given per crime with a numerical value of my choice and a seperate cash value of my choice, this way for higher level players I dont have to give an absurd amount of cash for them to gain xp that is appropriate for their level in hopes to balance out ingame currency and speed level really easily.

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I did this as well: customized the awards for the 'crimes' in the game to balance everything out, and randomize it as well to keep it from getting stale. I'm thinking of add more possible outcomes for 'crimes' too, like going to the 'Hospital' or getting other awards rather than money or 'crystals' to spice it up even further.

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