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[REVIEW] Medieval Generals


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Hi everyone,

Would anyone want to review a bit our game and gives us some feedback http://www.medievalgenerals.com ?

We would like to know what we can add or remove from the game, especially what about the tutorial? Is it helpful or not?

The game sets the scene in a fantasy world with several different races and kingdoms to choose from. The world is tile based and moves around Generals and armies.

In a few words the game is about you as Family joining a Kingdom. A family hires its Generals for the service of the Kingdom. You control all the your Family Generals to make your Kingdom you pertain to stronger. The game lets you do what you want. You are free to topple your own king and take over or perhaps rebel against your Kingdom and form you own.

Some listed features

  • Big tile based world
  • Train troops and armies
  • Battle and Conquer other lands
  • Attack other generals or assist them
  • Assault, besiege cities to conquer them
  • Find your own new kingdom
  • Usurp your ruler and take the Kingdom


Thanks a lot

Below is a glimpse of the game


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Demo Account for MWG users:

Email: [email protected]

Password: password1

For me personally, I haven't the foggiest idea of where to start or what I am doing.

So the tutorial helps on that one.

It looks like it would be a lot of fun, for the right person, I've only given it a couple of minutes look over, so I cannot really say if the game is good or not or what I would change.

But kudos on implementing a tutorial, definitely the right thing to do.

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It's enough to give someone like me (who has literately no idea), a feel for the game and what one is supposed to be doing.

As for helpful enough, I didn't complete the tutorial, so I've no idea in later stages of the tutorial, but starting off, is fine it tells you what to do and where you can go and what does what, cannot ask for anything else, in my opinion.

Was it complicated, not in the slightest, yet again I cannot vouch for later stages of the tutorial.

The game itself looks complicated for the unaware user, but I have a feeling the game is geared towards those that like this style of strategy game (not my forte).

Edit: To make clear, I got up to marching your general to another tile. Games where I have to wait to do things aren't my favorite, so I did not go beyond this point.

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