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I was recently looking at this thread


And im not sure what engine it's using but I think its ezrpg. If it is im pretty interested in using the engine for pratice.

Could someone link to some websites that use use the ezrpg engine thats running live. Also some feedback about the engine.

Lastly i would like to know do it has any security issues and if you were to compare mccode v2 it what would be the advantages and the downs.

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I don't think it's based on ezRPG.

I also can't recall of any other games based of ezRPG.

Feedback, such as?

As for security...

There's currently a major flaw in it's design: it has to do to with the way in which modules transmit status messages.

Currently, it's a URL passable string of HTML. IIRC, original ezRPG used HTMLPurifier to solve this issue, but at the same time, not really.

Me and someone else also have an independant version of ezRPG, called ezRPG rework(see my signautre).

We are addressing quite a few issues and modifying the engine to be more secure and complete.

Some of the things we have done with regards to security(copying from changelog):

Version 0.1b (TBA)
- Added session expiration(validation of same user access) functionality to the engine. 
- Removed HTML purifier, too much dead weight to drag around.
- Improved signature functionality, uses simple algorithm to compute. 

Version 0.1a (06/2012)
- Added MySQL Improved adapter (more: now default)
- Changed the way in which database adapters are initialized
- Improved email validation in validate library
- Implemented PBKDF2 hashing algorithm
- Implemented bcrypt hashing algorithm


Other than that, ezRPG is quite secure by today's standards.

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Ok thanks spud.

I just wanted to know the feedback from users who use the engine. Like on a scale of 1-10 how hard would it be to develop this engine.


It's easy to learn and understand this engine but once you have, there is no limits on what you can do with it.


As far as I am aware there was only 1 game produced from ezRPG and at the moment I cannot remember the url to see if it is still active.

My site was one of the only sites active last year (http://unholy-kingdom.com) .. but my system went titsup and everything got deleted :(

IIRC .. i might have a backup on my harddrive .. i'll be sure to check sometime this week. If i find it, ill release the entire game codes for free :)

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For a total novice 21 i dont think so. But its a much better place to start than mcc!!

I disagree, the best way to learn is to give yourself a challenge and EzRPG can provide that if you are a total novice.

But it really depends on your learning style. For me, I tend to learn things faster by doing trial and error whereas some people learn faster from reading books and tutorials.

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Yes it does depend on your learning style.

Now go search your hard drives for your backup ;P

Just had a quick look on my harddrive and there nowhere to be seen :( . I have 2 places left to check, the host and my netbook.

EDIT: Host is no more :( and i doubt it will be on my netbook .. ah well

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