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just an idea for now


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New plan layout for equipping armor and weapons and additional slots

1 needs a dropdown to select if item is primary or secondary or armour ore newly created additions.

2 needs a new table instead of using inventory for above mentioned

3 new table needs to be able to hold slots for more than 1 selection

4 choice selection menu for newly added items as above

5 amend option for added items as above

6 deletion of unused slots (return items back to users inventory)

7 item_add function needs to be rewritten to only allow for weapons armor and new additions

8 attack scripts needs to be rewritten to allow for new formula weapons armor or what ever can be used

9 equip_armor and equip_weapon scripts need to be rewritten as one file to allow for multiple uses

10 inventory needs to be rewritten to allow for multiple choices of added items


the sole purpose of this mod is so users can create more than one equipped slots which contain weapons/armor or newly created additions

user selects from a dropdown pre created slots that they have made so they dont have to continously have to unequip and re-equip new items

the method will allow them to select from slots they have created with different weapon types and they will instantly be equipped ready for the attack...

Items in slots can not be SOLD so they will need to be dormant from users view until that slot is deleted and items returned back to users normal inventory page.

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