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[unmanaged]xen vps forsale


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Im selling a xen vps.

The specs

Ram- 512mb

Swap- 1GB

Disk Space- 20GB

Port Speed- 100Mbit

Traffic- 1.5TB


Guard Dog

Open VPN


13.64$ in the account

Next bill date due- 09/17/2012

Monthly cost- 6.36$

Provider- yardvps.com

Price 7$

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first question why are you selling it dont you want it anymore or not like the service your getting also tbh no one will buy that vps for that price to cheap you need a good provider like fasthosts etc well established also you need to look further to the site as it could be a con alot of companys register sites in US but are based in Malaysia as there is no copyright laws there and pretty much no law either for that price i would as other provider minimum is $30 for very basic

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@urbanmafia This provider is good I had a few test sites on it. But I recently bought a new vps with better specs. I would of got my money back but yardvps has a policy that you cant refund atfer 30 days I believe and I see their no point wasteing the money in the account. Could become useful.

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@urbanmafia Yes I only signed up to yardvps b/c someone refered me to them I didnt plan to stay with them for more than 10 days but I got hooked on the service which was great.But it sucks that its unmanaged. Im paying 45$ monthly for the new one I just bought :/

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