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Hi, my host recently had a issue with "boru" causing some temporal data loss. After all the data was restored, my crons did not seem to execute? Here are cron format:

curl http://GameDomain.com/cron_fivemins.php?CodeHere

The issue, is my days old are not in counting? However my jail / hosp minutes do seem to...? And please not I made no changes to them before or after the issue with boru.

This issue actually started atleast 10 - 15 days ago, but I've been to busy to fix it recently. Can someone please help me out here? Thank you.

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i had a issue with this before try this

go to your config.php file and check the code make sure its the same code as in your crons

failing that either check your cron files and make sure there error isn't there

if still no luck i would contact the host and let them know that the crons are not working

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