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NWE (Full) 1.1.3 - Released


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The new release 1.1.3 is available for all owners of the full version.

What it brings:

- A new way to add admin features to your module without yet creating a separated module for it. Simply add an admin_menu.php hook file to your module, and an admin.php file. The admin panel will then link back to your admin.php file within your module. You may check the forums module to see how it works.

- Tables can have their own special editor, in which case the standard editor will call back your own code for them even if you will see the table in the standard table list. Check the inventory module and the table objects.

- Objects (items) can now easily be edited within the admin panel. Self defined attributes will appear as any other items attributes.

- Combat arena have been improved and shows now an approximate % of success if the player tries to fight a given NPC warrior.-

- Combat arena shows some of the player stat above the NPC warrior lists.

- Tutorial module have been improved to add a couple of new things, as well as the default tutorial now contains 16 steps (against what was it? 4?)

- Combats have been improved, rules tweaked and item drops added.

- Forums can have sections with conditions (like per clan or admin) (view and post conditions).

- Players can be banned from posting in the forums, and a new admin panel can lift the ban.

Also added as promised a lot more content, which shall now make NWE full a true game not just an empty engine. Of course I would not say it's a good game to install and let people play, even just because it would be yet another copycat of NWE. But this shall help you start with your work.

All the content which have been generated via spreadsheet can be found here: http://www.nw-engine.com/wiki/index.php/Default_Content

Feel free to save the docs on your own google doc, and edit them as will.

As the content may break your game, if you just upgrade (and not re-install while prompted by the installer) the new content is not installed.

Enjoy, and I'm here in case of issues, or if you have suggestions for the future versions.

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