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Deleting Threads


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The thread as been deleted because you infringed copyright. Also, as personal note, the title of the thread was: free template... not please comment my work.

It did infringe on copyright as do a few other templates in that section in which they give you notice.

The title was "Free Login Layout" or something along those lines but the main objective in the thread was to get feedback.

But the point of this thread is to leave feedback about the site and suggest that staff actually message the member when they delete their thread so that the member is aware why his/her thread was deleted.

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Don't you see "reason", when looking in the category where your thread was?

Thread deleted by a_bertrand


copyright infragement

As for the personal thing of ABs you may have suggested you also wanted feedback and advise in the thread title opposed to just "Free Login Layout".

However it's between you and AB, I shall butt out now.

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I think only moderators can see it. Anyhow, it doesn't matter if you inform others that there may have some issues with copyright or not. You can't do what you was doing (for free or not doesn't matter either). To re-use artwork from somebody else you need to have their permission. Either it's an open-content license which is already stated or you need to buy a license. Note that you may anyhow not re-distribute. You have to carefully check the license terms.

So unless you do all the work, don't share / offer which you don't own.

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