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PayPal Error (Help please, ASAP)


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"The card you entered cannot be used for this payment. Please enter a different credit or debit card number"

Has anyone had any of their members receive this message when trying to make a payment through PayPal with a credit card not linked to a PayPal account?

I've searched through a dozen PayPal community topics and probably a dozen more other sites, and all I can seem to find is that PayPal gives some generic, frustratingly unhelpful response mentioning "limiting non-account transactions."

Has anyone encountered this problem? If so, is there a fix for it? Could this be a coding error, or is it definitely on PayPal's side? This is definitely an urgent matter, and I would appreciate it majorly if anyone could help.

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Are they trying to us a card that is not Visa or Master Card? According to the paypal site it only accepts those two credit cards.

According to the buyer, it is Visa and has never been linked to a PayPal account. My PayPal is verified. And, still, I cannot find a decent answer anywhere on the internet. It's a big problem.

I don't understand why PayPal would exclude people without an account. They get their transaction fees, regardless.

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According to paypal two things can cause this.

Them having it linked to a paypal account and they are trying to use the card without logging into their account first.


Their shipping address and card address do not match in which case pass the attribute in your code ADDROVERRIDE=0

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