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Atomic Holocaust - Post Apocalyptic RPG


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Hello MakeWebGames,

Another project I am working on, this one is called 'Atomic Holocaust' and is an online Persistent Browser Based Role Playing Game (PBBRPG) which I am in the process of developing. The game itself places you in the post-apocalyptic landscape of Las Vegas after the world has been devestated by Nuclear War.

It is inspired by the popular video game series, 'Fallout' and my personal interest for urban decay (strange one, I know). I am hoping to develop it to provide the most interactive possible experience for a text based game.

Sorry about the long post, I would be appreciative if you could tell me your opinions.

The Game Concept

The concept of the game is you are an adult (male or female, you decide and can set your skills and traits) based in Las Vegas in the year 2000 (thirty years after the Nuclear War). Considering Las Vegas is approximately 200 miles from any major city, the fallout is minimal making it habitable but this doesn't make it safe with the main threat being bandits and raiders.

The game shall try and capture as much of the glitz and glam of Las Vegas as I possibly can although unfortunately it shall be limited due to my poor artwork. You shall be focused in on Las Vegas but missions shall eventually lead you to explore the Mojave desert where you shall discover towns and locations which shall unlock further missions.

Isn't that the same as Fallout?

The Fallout series is probably the first video game you would think of when you mention 'Nuclear Apocalypse' and I think they captured it perfectly. Yes the game shall have similar features to the Fallout series but I shall attempt to put my own twist onto it and the main difference being this is an online game. After all, Fallout was inspired by a previous game called Wastelands.

Game Play

Game play shall mostly involve 'point and click' movement, with you having a general map of the area with squares which you click in to visit the location. Once you have zoomed in, you shall have a second map displaying the buildings of that area (or other features). You can then click on the buildings to enter them, where you can gather resources, trade or begin missions. The overall map shall be empty to begin with, and as you explore each square you shall unlock the main towns and locations.

The missions shall probably consist of, find these parts to make this weapon or to clear out an area of enemies. This shall involve you travelling to the locations and fighting them, again it shall be as interactive as I can make it so you shall be able to choose your attack move and take it in turns against the AI.

The Game Engine

The Game Engine which it shall run is one I am in the process of developing called PiE (or PHP Indie Engine) and shall be created specifically for Atomic Holocaust and then extracted and refined for universal use.


That is about it, thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing your views and opinions!

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Sounds nice, will players be able to interactive with one an other?

Yes and no, I shall be creating the setup for future multi-player functionality but in V1.0 it shall only be the solo game. In the future however I am looking to allow players to trade with each other in a black market style system as well as allow groups to be created so friends can gather resources for missions together (such as player A goes to location A to gather resource A whilst player B goes to location B to gather resource B and then together that creates quest item C).

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I've got the basic design for the site done, I am happy with it but your opinions would be appreciated.


The content area is expandable and shall extend over the top of the grass (the grass and Vegas sign is fixed). The 'Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas' sign is an Animated .gif file containing two images and sizing in at a minuscule 38.6 KB so load issues shouldn't be a problem and from what I understand once it is loaded it won't use any additional bandwidth? The animation part of the sign are the lights on the star and around the edges which flicker on and off.

Any opinions?

(Update: Ignore the 'Logout' and 'Register' bits being on the same screen, that is an error which I have just fixed, imagine it only says one or the other).


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