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NWE Full and Dev - 1.1.2 released


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For the full version:

- Removed ip security, http caching, security token from the index, they are all now inside their own modules.

- Improved the profiler (gives more information about the hooks loaded).

- Fixed bugs.

- Added iterator to the DB access.

- Added crafting module.

- Added rich text editor.

- Added table access for NPC combats.

For the dev / free version:

- Common index.php and common.php files with the full version

- Added a pseudo security token.

- Upgraded to latest versions of the existing modules

- Improved the profiler

- Upgraded the DB access file as the full version.

For the full, you can either download the patch, or the full zip.

For the dev version, as always only the full zip is available.

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