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A "little" fun after watching Dr. Who


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I must admit, I didn't saw many Dr. Who, and I must add, that the first time I saw it I thought what kind of lame thing it was. But if you take it less seriously it's actually nearly pleasant to watch.

Anyhow, it inspired me this piece:


The "monster" is modeled and textured inside ZBrush (took about 3 hours)

The modeling of the scene compositions, lighting, rendering inside Modo 601, (about 3 hours again)

So count about 6 hours for the whole work. And no it's not for a project, a game or anything else, it was just... the pleasure to make it and learn from it.

On the critics side: The "feet" are horrible (and I simply didn't spent the time on those), as well as I should spend more time with the pose which is un-interesting, but hey, overall I'm happy with my results.


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So... A monster in a jar? I can see you put a lot of effort into it, and it looks pretty good. Just a few things that catch my eye when I look at it.

First the jar. It needs some characteristics. Like smudges, cracks, old paint, faded marker writing, or partially torn off labels. (BTW I just guessed its a jar. It just looks like one from the close up.)

Why? Because right now it barely seems like any type of cylindrical tube. It just looks like you just went into Photoshop and drew 2 slanted lines and filled it in with a partially opaque yellow. Then distorted the bottom pipe but left the top pipe as it was. It even looks like the monster is a floating object sitting behind the jar.

The feet... They are only horrible because they have minimal detail.

The skin texture... I have seen a few species preserved in jars. And the ones that I have seen who had skin. There skin was not visibly shining (light did not bounce off of it) while submerged in the liquid. And I don't believe any type of skin would be shiny after sitting in some type of fluid for more than a few hours. The skin texture actually makes the model look like it is a solid plastic toy.

Last but not least. You did great on the head and arm area, but the leg and hip area need more attention because it seems like instead of having bones it looks like his legs are pretty much solid (like plastic). This could probably be solved with a better texture.

Other than that the render looks pretty good. Great Job!

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