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how to remove the forums link


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Ok sent a "ticket", however bash Coldblooded, sorry but why should somebody repeat it... like about 3 times before you guys get involved? Why can't I simply send the info to one of you, and you pass the info along? Sorry you have huge communications issues (not you directly paul, every one of the McCode team). Internal and external communication issues. And that for me is not good.

Somebody asked me why do I even take care to report security issues about on McC... I answered I'm too nice, maybe next time I will not do it, as it's simply wasting my time.

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And I tried to reply to your reply... which didn't worked all that well. Your answer is... incorrect or incomplete... plus the guy doesn't use redux so it doesn't apply at all to him. BTW your redux is as well vulnerable, maybe not for the admin, but for all the user pages.

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