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Hello users and welcome to Unleashed-Assassins (UA)

UA is a brand new, fully functional MMORpg game with loads of new pages and new updates to come in the future.

UA is in BETA mode at this point so please bare with us. This means that any changes could take place on the game at anytime.

If you have diacovered a bug with the game please visit the helpdesk, if you are not sure about something please see the Guide and if you want information about a page please visit the FAQs!

The game co-owner is Legend aka Issy and the Owner is (myself) MrAndrews aka Linton


please go to the link -------> UNLEASHED ASSASSINS and stay active cause theres l0oads of updates to come

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I checked it as you asked, you left before I explained you all, you will then get my comment visible for all:

- Home page is as annoying as any McCode game can be: totally empty, not appealing, nothing push me to register.

- Registration is bad, I register, (which looks exactly the same as login), and after that you end up again in the registration page, the best would be to jump in, in the worse case like McCode does (which is bad) go back to the login.

- Terms and condition after registration? Well sorry maybe I don't accept them, so why register?

- I'm in finally, got NO INFO (like always sadly in those game) of what to do, there is an hint about FAQ and Guides, FAQ being totally emtpy guide I still search it... Why not put a link directly in your text?

- The left side menu... is full of links... yea but beside that? Don't know, All actions seems to be nearly the same and can be accessed via the "commit crime" or many can. Too many captcha with recatpcha which honestly I have an hard time to use and don't protect yourself against bots.

- the look is... as plain as possible, yet not ugly.

- The message system is not the kind of things I would ever consider a message system.

- Chat open a new page... which doesn't work

So overall, the experience is poor. Sorry but even with the installation of an engine without any kind of work from yourself you would end up with a game of that kind. Sorry but a game without a story, without a goal, without game mechanism / thinking , well for me it's not a game, it's a collection of links and code behind without any appeal.

You demonstrated that you can upload some code on the server and you are maybe able to customize something as I don't how much is from you and how much you found on the net, yet you fail to show that this is a game IMO. Sorry for the bad review, but I think you should go back to the thinking board and come with a real story, with something to push the player to not leave after 2 min. If you want more info, come back to the chat and I shall explain it more in details.

BTW providing a demo username and password would at least lead to some of us testing it without having to invent some username / password and feel the pain of the registration.

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I don't think I have been rude, and if so please excuse me. I simply tried to give an honest point of view (mine), and you can take it or trash it. But if you check back my past reviews I sadly give always the same kind of feedback:

- No appeal on the home page (lack of info / look)

- Bad registration workflow

- No explanation of the game

- No tutorial

- No story

- No appeal (to me at least)

Sadly this same kind of feedback can be copy / pasted for most of the games people post on MWG. Why? because it lacks the fundamentals, which is an idea, a story, and game rules. You guys all start with a script (self written or not), put some modifications on it, maybe code some stuff by yourself or not, change the look or not and expect to have a game. Sorry that doesn't work.

Shall I respect you more by avoiding to post my review? If so, you should not ask for a review at first.

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