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how to add a small chat box on the side


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i seen games that have a small chat box on the side i was wondering how do i add that to mine

There are some okay shoutbox mods floating around. Or you could just include an outside chat in an iframe. Then, it's just css positioning to get it where you want.

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that is why you make another folder, and then add the xat chat there, then where ever you are placing the chat just add that page to the area such as

include "/folder/chat.php";


there are many chats.. just use google put in ajax chat....

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Seriously don't use Xat for this, there is plenty of chat scripts out there, that would perform better in this situation that isn't a flash app wrapped in an iframe.

As Lucky said, google Ajax chat, see what comes up.

If that has no luck, take one of the 'shoutbox' mods off of here, and modify it to fit your needs.

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