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Looking for one or more partner for a myst styled game


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Not yet decided, we shall see it together

Game abstract:

For the fun (mainly and to check different technologies and tools, and maybe produce something different for once), I was thinking of creating a game which would be of the style of Myst http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myst, yet of course, not the same images, nor same puzzles, but the idea of having a pre-rendered (or not to be decided) 3D world were you walk around and try to solve puzzles.

(Some of the) Unique features:

3D rendered of some quality, a good sound track, some fun puzzles.

Technology used:

The game should be playable via web, so ideally HTML 5 if not possible then we may look into unity 3D.

Content creation:

- For the images (if pre-rendered) I will work with Modo 601 and ZBrush (photoshop for retouches?)

- For the sound, I'm still looking, maybe Ableton Live Suite 8

- The game engine: JS (with JQuery) or Unity 3D ?

Current development status:

None, I'm starting just checking who would be interested to join, and the tools which could be used to produce such game.

My own skills and tasks in the game:

I would personally concentrate on the art creation if possible, but if needed I can also do the coding. So 3D art, puzzle creation, maybe sound track (looking in some tools there), and finally if needed also the code.

What I/we are looking for:

I'm looking for one or more partners to design the puzzles and the story, simple sketch of the world, and maybe the coding of the game (JS or other as we need to discuss it).

Ideally I would want a couple of people designing puzzles and sketches, and a coder for the whole, but anyone with any skill is basically welcome. When I say anyone, it means you need to have at least one of the following skills: content creation for the puzzles (maybe the story), sound creation, coder, sketcher.

Expenses will be covered by:

I will pay, and provide the hosting, the tools for the art creation as well as the creation of the art myself. So basically there will be no other costs nor I will look / ask for money.

Current team:

Me myself and I are currently working on this project.

Share / gain of the partners:

I don't plan to sell it, so it will be pure fun and free advert for us. If there is a gain, I'm willing to share it.

Why do it? Can you re-explain us?

As said, I'm doing for the fun, to increase my skills, and maybe to build some partnership for future projects, also, as any "free game" it can be used to advertise other projects / games we could have.

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Created 2 simple 3D images which let you "move" back and forth if you click on the image. There is some transition between them (not simply a cross fade).

Also added a background loop sound (self made), to show that even music can be included (and supported on IE 9, FF, Chrome).


Sure that's far from being the game, but it shows it's possible. For the music you would need to wait a couple of sec such that i loads (about 300Kb)

(no flash, just a little JS for the transitions of the images)

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