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Version 1.0.4 released


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This version which can be downloaded as full package or as path zip which contains only the last changes (from 1.0.3) can be now found in your license area of http://www.nw-engine.com

To upgrade from the patch zip, simply extract all files of the zip on your installed NWE directory, and call the index.php file. It will trigger the installer and you will be able upgrade the current installation.

Notable changes:

- Improved installer with requisite checker.

- Admin table editor improvements (added more options in the code and action wizard, added null support to drop down list, and let you switch from one table to the other directly from within the editor).

- Added an admin edit user stat module which let you edit any stat of any user live (add or remove).

- Number can be formatted correctly and do have tweaks for decimal and thousand separators (for example visible in admin_game_stats)

- Added HTTP caching (by default on) with a module to disable it.

- Drastically improved the profiler (with more details and preciser)

- Improved the admin_html_filter module (which let you enable or disable the HTML filter)

- Added password recovery mechanism

- Added images to the explore (layout must still be improved)

- Added NPC discussion

- Added startup of the clan module

- Fixed table structure of the premium module

- Added image for jail and hospital

- Improved items library

I hope you will enjoy this release, as always I'm here to answer questions / issues and open to suggestions / requests.


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