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Spring cleanup

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We (Nickson and I) started to cleanup the board to simplify the structure. We basically didn't removed any thread/posts (beside a couple of completely out-dated threads) instead we moved / merged some sections. This work is maybe not completely finished however we hope to bring a bit more overview and allow new comers to post more easily in the right section.

Suggestions / feedback is welcome of course.

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- Removed all the "other engine" sub boards and moved content of it directly inside "other engine".

- Deleted horizont engine threads as the site disappeared.

- Merged various Art / Content sections

- Moved NEaB inside other engine and removed sub-sections

- Moved "Question of the day" to misc

- Removed "News of the world"

- Moved "Tech news" to misc

- Moved down wsirc and playerscorner

- Moved .NET in other programming

- Renamed MySQL to allow other DB as well

- Added some descriptions on sections where a description was missing.

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