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ZBrush 4R3


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Most of you should know now my passion for 3D art, even if I'm by no mean a pro in the field I invest quiet some time into it, and plays a lot with the tools I have. Since a couple of years the best sculpting and texturing friend of most 3D artist has been ZBrush. I must admit I tested it LONG time ago (more than 12 years now) as I have been invited to beta test one of the first versions, and I was not all that interested because at that time it was like a 2.5 painter (their own terms) and you wasn't able to work in 3D. Yet, since V4 of their product you can effectively work fully on 3D models, sculpt them, paint them and work on them.

Now is ZBrush the ultimate tool? No, for most normal 3D activity, like animation, hard surfaces (hard edge, mechanical parts and more), ZBrush is not really ideal. Also the materials are cool, but don't offer yet the flexibility of traditional 3D rendering tool even if you see on the example made by ZBrush artists incredible creations. But I would say it's normal with nearly all software.

After quiet some thinking I decided to spend the money for it (yes it's not cheap), and try to use it as well. I must say that the user interface is... odd at best if not hardly usable. However the features it has for my needs seems simply incredible. It's smooth, it allows to work on extremely complex objects and support wacom tablets without issues. Also it integrates with my 3D without much pain, which is was I was needing.

So if you are in the monsters, people, or other soft bodies yourself, and or you want to pain sculpt in 3D, I would say it's the soft to have.

Site: http://www.pixologic.com/

Gallery: http://www.pixologic.com/zbrush/gallery/2012/

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The main difference when you work with ZBrush is that you feel free. I mean, it's really like working with clay and not in 3D. Sure it's on the screen, sure it's behind a computer and your fingers are not feeling the clay nor they are not dirty at the end (if you don't put your hand in odd places while you are at your computer). It's totally different from the "precise" 3D thinking you must have with other softs and with ZBrush. Yet, if you are after designing an helicopter or a tank, or a bridge, or an house or whatever else which is... more structured than monsters, people, faces. Well you will have troubles.

As said, for me it's an excellent additional tool, or more like an another world. Yet a very interesting one.

BTW They are hiring coders and web designers:


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After some learning process (and I'm way not there), I can say I start slowly to feel at home. I still don't like much the user interface, as I think it's a bit on the very odd side of what I ever used, however the tool is incredibly powerful.

This 3D object has been done by me with just the help of my mouse (I can assure you it's even more joyful with a graphic tablet however I didn't had access to it while drawing this item).

As you can see it's not finished, but it shows there is lots of potential to create monsters, people, and whatever you want. But not really all that good for solid objects like chairs, phones, guns, tanks or other more hard edged shapes.

The "zombie" took me about 3-4 hours to model from scratch.


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