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Version 1.0.3 Released


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As promised, you may now download from the license page your fresh new 1.0.3 release. You may either download the whole package, or just the "patch" zip file. The patch zip file contains only the changes from 1.0.0 to 1.0.3. If you take this road, simply download the zip, un-compress in the main directory where you installed NWE and open your browser with the right URL, you will then see the game installer, then simply say you want to upgrade, and after a couple of refresh your game should be up and running with the new code.

What does the 1.0.3 bring:

- Fixes in the installer

- A bit more content

- An HTML / XSS filter

- A quest (or missions as you want to call it) system which can be linear or not, single action or multiple.

- A wizard for logic and code entry in a lot of tables.

- Cleaned up the art_medieval template (left over some useless code).

Of course this upgrade is free to all full owners. We will release certainly a new version of the DEV later on.

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Well, it's not only a quick way but allows in future to patch a modified game. Think that you added new modules or touched some of the official one, well, with the patch you will know what files we modified and hopefully in most case will not touch your work.

Anyhow thanks for the support guys, and thanks to rulerofzu to have tested it before release as we had a couple of issues with the patch system.

Next to come, is either the add of new modules like clans or trade house, or improvement of the current one like the forums or the messaging system. Let me know what you would prefer.

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