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Dear some smartarse


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Now, this isnt a normal topic, as its directed to some smart arse who thinks they've actually hacked my engine.

Now, let me tell you this, what you actually did was find the admin user and password, Which was on my part, very stupidly, both "Admin", then found the admin settings page, and changed a few things, why didnt I secure this part, why would an admin hack their own game, seems like I should of now :P

I also like the way you sent me a message With all the names, and email of "LOL", like you actually managed to hack the engine, and not just find some stupid human error on my part.

As everyone else may know, my laptops currently broke, so I cant access the cpanel, to reset it, but have now just took the domain offline.

Sorry for wasting everyone elses time here, but I half found it funny that this waste of a life thought he hacked someone buy guessing a simple admin username and password, then proceeded to send me an anonymous message saying they had hacked me, I also found it half annoying, more at my self for giving me a username and password of "Admin", and having to take off the whole site.


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Sadly a lot of people (even on this board) think they are smart and fun if they hack into somebody else soft / server / system.

What those people don't understand is, beside some little (or not so little depends on the hack used) technical knowledge involved, it actually produce effects which are an unhappy (or in trouble) system owner, and unhappy users of the system. Think about even the Sony attack. Sure Sony was not smart to have such security hole they had, yet the number of un-happy people was huge, and for me this is pure egoism from the hackers. I mean, being happy because you made other people un-happy has a name: sadism. It's a shame those hackers don't understand or don't care about it, it shows only how little they are actually.

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Sorry but it's not by destroying a website that you will improve the internet. Actually the only thing you will archive is making people un-happy and maybe quitting the play field. If you are smart and have the skills, then help those site (by reporting the issues) and then the owner may actually learn something and then next time he/she will be able to make a better site. If you kill the site, first of all the owner may not even understand what happen but will actually learn nothing as there is quiet certainly no easy way for him/her to learn from the mistake.

Sadism? Yes, but also stupid.

Think about wikipedia, what makes it good? Well for sure because there is tons of info. If the site would be defaced all the time, specially at the beginning, then maybe we would not have it. Sure it's easy to deface a wiki. Is it smart? Nope sorry.

And we have hackers because people believe that on internet there is no backslash. I mean, what could happen to an hacker, normally you would think nothing. Yet if you destroy a shop in real life you would certainly end up very soon in jail. Well for me both actions are not all that far. Just because it's harder to catch an hacker than somebody breaking things in real life doesn't make the hacker smarter or more justified.

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