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Looking For Some One To Secure My RPG


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Im New At This So I Am Just Starting, So I am Looking For Someone that can secure my game. If You Choose To Help You Can Decide To Get Paid One Time Or Get 25% Of all Money Made From Game. Pretty Much U Would Become Co-Owner If You Wanted To. So Please PM me, I Honestly don't know how much this service can cost, but if you do know just leave the number below thanks.

Dont Forget To PM Thanks.

btw there are 129php files.

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Well, you should state which engine (if any) you are using. And in total how many php files you have. That allows people to make a quick estimation of the costs. For the 25% of the money made, well even if for you it seems a good offer, knowing that most of the online web games don't make any, I'm somewhat unsure about it. Specially as you don't even show off your game.

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I'm sorry but I highly doubt anyone will take you up on the 25% offer.

Spelling and grammar is the only thing we have to go on when deciding on taking projects on (without knowing the person) & it takes a very long time to redevelop & secure any RPG engine.

Instead of opening a game, why not try to learn how to develop in php, Even with basic knowledge it'll pay off better than simply opening a game right now.

Any 'small time' website develop will charge around $200 - $350 for that many files, depending on engine & how much to actually do.

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