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Problem with my code?


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Does anyone have any ideas why I get those errors:

Notice: Undefined variable: minlevel in /home/damdomy/trankia.com/modules/FindPlayer/index.php on line 94

Warning: array_fill() [function.array-fill]: Wrong data type for start key in /home/damdomy/trankia.com/lib/db.mysql.php on line 133

Error: DbException!

Query: SELECT username, level FROM players WHERE level > ?,50
You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '?,50' at line 3


Source code:

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Fanatic Try something along these lines...

When you declare the function start() add a parameter, for example $min_level


* Add a parameter
* Add a value, so when called, and no parameter is given it won't show ugly errors
* Default, minimum level 1.
public function start($min_level = 1) 


Now, Line 82.

* Use the parameter declared in the function declaration
* $min_level
$minlevel = $min_level;


! Use the above to help configure the rest of the php.

Now, when you call this function start(), add the parameter

* Assign the class, I assume that's been done. 
* I'll call it $class
$minlevel = $var; // assume  _GET['minlevel']
$class->start($minlevel); /* Declare a minimum level. Overwrite the default; 1. */


I think this should fix your error, it may not, but it might.

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