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Developer version on the way


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After discussions with illusions and others, I decided that a developer version will be offered.

The price will be around 20$, and will not be the exact same package as for the other. Some features will be missing mainly modules and the license you get will be a bit different, stating a license version instead of a normal production one.

So if you want to make a module which attach itself to the messaging system you will be out of luck, however it should cover most of the needs for independent modules, templates or whatever.

Now why 20$ and not free? Well, because it's anyhow some work to setup such version, also as you will get a license, and, it covers also some of the costs linked to check the modules you may send over the market place. It will also somehow filter who does it.

20$ is anyhow extremely cheap, so don't think I will make money out of it. It's more a kind of a filter than anything else.

I don't have date fixed for it. But expect it in a couple of weeks if not sooner.

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