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Selling V2 mccodes license and game


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Hello all,

For sale I have my game http://www.murdercountry.com

It comes with the domain if required and all of the files. Also comes with mccodes v2 license

username: demo

password: demo

Have a look around there a LOTS of paid and unpaid mods all installed

The game itself does not have many active users at all. But has potential

Offers please on here or email me: [email protected]


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Firstly. 1.1MB to load the login page? SeriAAASLY?



Have a look around there a LOTS of paid and unpaid mods all installed

Thirdly.. have you heard of "overflow:: hidden;" ?


To be honest the game is not worth much at all.. As you said there is LOTS of paid mod's i yet to see them clearly. too many error's also.

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Domain is registered and paid for until August 2013

I will put proof of valid license up when I'm next on my computer which will be tomorrow

And will list the paid mods when on computer

From the top of my head:



Dave Macauley's chat mod

Workshop mod (create items out of other items)

Marriage with shared houses (actually works with no glitches)


Blackjack mod

Brave mod (so users max brave increase at a certain crime exp)

Will post anymore tomorrow when I get a quick look through them

Also has mods made by myself:

Notification center

Items list with price and damage etc

Forum ranks

I'm looking for around $50 with everything

Images can be changed VERY easily but thanks they were mainly put on there to test it works

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