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Shop is ready, and a few little last minute fixes have been done. We are basically up and running for the big day!

Of course big day doesn't mean end of the story, as this will be the first release. We do have a HUGE list of features we want to bring in the next releases, and improvement which could be made, however the first release should be perfectly fine for all of you to start with, design your game, and then in case enjoy the next modules / features we will provide. As anyhow if you just install new versions of modules, it will NOT destroy your own modules.

Last thing I will say today:

The market place do have 2 different payment options. Directly with paypal for any sales greater or equal 5$ or via credits (1 credits being 1 USD). All the plugin which cost less than 5$ we will take no share on the sales. So you could sell modules for 1$ and get the full $. Also we don't have minimum payout, yet all the paypal fees are on your side. In case the package (being a module, a template, or a font) costs more than 4$ (5$ and above as we allow only integer prices) we get about 20% of the sales.

Each and every package will be checked before being accepted in the market place.

On the other side if you don't want to use the market place to sell your modules, you are free to do so, as you can export modules, templates, fonts directly from the admin interface, create a NWE package (nwp file), and share it as you want. Yet customers should be warned that malicious package could actually destroy games, hack your license or any other kind of bad things, so if you download packages out of the market place, be sure you fully trust the developer, and test the package on a test environment first.

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