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Hiring Coder (Experienced Coders Only) Charm City Mafia


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Hello i am in the middle of creating a brand new Mafia Browser based game me and my current coder have alraedy gotten pretty deep into creating this and have a fair ammount of the game completed but as you know its always good to have another extra helping hand. Please if you are experienced in coding PHP/MySQL/Ajax and also have some experience with Mafia/Criminal RPG/Browser based games please shoot me a message and we will exchange MSN's and have a good chat to see how experienced you really are, Thank you for your time and i will add a few screen shot links below so you know what we are dealing with here as well. Also feel free to comment about the game, its always nice to see what other people think.



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I open the web page => nothing beside an image and a login? mmm not inviting in my opinion.

Now, you don't state even how much work is involved, what you are willing to pay or share, you don't state how many people are involved nothing.

What will your game have to offer that we didn't saw many many times? Plus mafia... sorry but that's really not new... specially on this board.

As lilith said, follow the partnership template, offer more details, even a demo account maybe... till then I will close this thread.

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