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Ver 2.0.4 Hospital and Jail Always Display 0


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I'm looking for someone to help me fix an issue with my hospital and jail both always showing 0 players whether empty or not. Paying by paypal. Thanks

I had the same problem. I finally figured out that the crons needed to be running to show the people in the jail or hospital. Are your crons running?

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No it wouldnt if you did it correctly.

Do elaborate if you wish here or in a PM; i see a way to make it 1 query per pageload for the both but no more efficient than that without *some* form of cache, or updating a count every time someone enters/leaves one of the two.

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I don't think you understand the concept of "Caching".

Also, if your game has 1000 active user's, theres no need for a number to be displayed in any case. As you'll always know there WILL be some one in the hospital or jail. To me, having a counter next to the jail or hospital is for small games.

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My 1 minute cron isn't running, when I manually run it I get this error message on the page

Critical Error

A critical error has occurred, and this page cannot be displayed. Please try again later.

Query failed.

Any help would be much appreciated

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