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WTB one-click attack system multiple armors and weapons


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I am looking to buy a one click attack system that

-calculates each player's defense including 5 armors and guard

-calculates damage done by both primary and secondary weapons + strength

-includes chance to hit or miss based on agility

-reports how much damage was dealt each round at the end of the fight

-hospitalizes the loosing player for rand amount of time based on level difference.

Completed file pays $20 via Pay Pal

needed ASAP

contact via this thread or by pm

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Lucky, I think you are my hero. call it personality flaw that if I cant find or figure something out .... I throw money at it.

ok on second thought, maybe not, talk about buggy and a pain in the ass! I've fixed over 100 errors already and its still not working yet ....

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@ zu, thanks for offering the help, lord knows I can use it! I now see why you believed this job was well worth more than $20 ....

@random Ill do so in the next day or so ... it totally sucks trying to help out on a game when you are already working a 40 hour work week and finding time for the kids. Thank goodness I dont have to deal with the player base as well XD

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