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Were to download


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So how do you want us to help you? since i have really no idea..

What zip?.. if you just downloaded an .zip file and WinRaR says its corrupt.. then you could try to fix the corrupt file with WinRaR, i dont think it is gonna work so you would have to search for the file somewhere else.....

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There is not enough files to install Gangster legends

After the extraction of the file down loaded with winrar and 7-zip there 2 folders images and file and a forgot.php then you go into the file folder all there is a staff folder and the rest of the php file needed for the game but the is no db_conect.php or any kind of db base file or install directory to do it manually

these are the files i do not have


In the directory safe/ we keep all the system files these are.

safe.php - Sets all the varables for the user and also checks to see if the user has ranked up or not.

connect.php - Includes the MySql Connection information.

config.php - Has most of the games configuration settings in.

functions.php - Has most of the functions used within the game.



We have tried to keep the html/php code seperate so if there are any large chunks of php to be included with any features you would put it here, you would then call it the same file name as the feature but with an underscore infront of it ie _feature.php


Lang will hold all the language files you can specifie what one you would like to use in config.php (this will be in 1.x.x onwards)


This holds all the files you would need to install your game, this should be deleted once the game is installed!


This holds the games theme they are split up into 4 files.

top.php - This is basiclyu the header of your game template.

bottom.php - And this is the footer.

style.css - Any CSS should be in here.

information_bar.php - This file shows the users character information this file is included in page.php if you wanted to move the information bar just remove `include 'theme/information_bar.php';` from page.php.

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