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PLZ.. help some one will pay.


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i need help with bbcodes// example <color>should br red<*/color = red> but will not be red after * this is taken out. even with

Grpg format also need help with gang wars wont add respect for gang members that in battle. and pet leash.


first of all the end tag is /color it does not have = (color) it is: <color=red>should br red<*/color> (without the *)should br red Using bracket [ ] instead of <> forms the bbcode on here.

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you leave little detail to what your problem really is, maybe you are not calling the bbcode engine in your script which is why no matter how you put it, it doesn't show correctly, maybe posting your page where the input is shown would help others help you. and really, was it necessary to post, that you are ungrateful for me trying to solve your problem? really? You sir have problems... I will be sure to mark you down to NEVER help.

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